Diehl's Jewelers

Brands We Carry

Kirk Kara - Bridal
Mark Schneider - Bridal and Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Hidalgo - Diamond and Enamel Jewelry
Lika Behar - 24K Gold and 24K Gold and Sterling Jewelry
Tony Maccabi - Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Scott Kay Cobalt Chrome - Wedding Bands
Galatea - Pearls and Colored Gemstone Jewelry
Andrea Candela - Sterling, 18K Gold, Diamond and Gemstone Jewelry
Colore (Lorenzo Collection) - Sterling, 18K gold and Gemstone Jewelry
Edward Mirell - Titanium Jewelry
Debbie Brooks - Hand Bags
James Binnion - Mokume-Gane wedding bands and jewelry
Ones We Love (O.W.L.) - Sterling Silver Commemorative Jewelry
LaFonn - Finely crafted Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Jewelry
and More